WESTMOUNT INSIDER: 5 Market Trends for Commercial Real Estate in the U.S. Entering 2022

Cliff Booth, Founder & Chairman of Westmount Realty Capital – shares five factors as to what’s influencing commercial real estate potential as we turn over this year’s calendar.

The narrative of the... Read More

WESTMOUNT INSIDER: Investing Passively in Direct Private Real Estate

Phil Copulsky, Senior Associate – Private Capital, shares four defining factors that differentiate investing in individual projects from that of commingled funds.

When many investors think about passively... Read More

WESTMOUNT INSIDER: How Has COVID-19 Impacted Industrial Leasing in Chicagoland?

Brian Scruggs, Managing Director of Industrial Acquisitions, shares three trends in the Chicago market that have risen to prominence since the onset of the pandemic.

The Windy City, The Second City, The City That... Read More

Best Real Estate Deals 2020: Q&A with Cliff Booth

Cliff Booth, Founder and Chairman of Westmount Realty Capital, LLC, shares highlights about Garland Logistics Pointe, one of Westmount’s former industrial properties that was recently nominated by Dallas Business Journal for the... Read More

WESTMOUNT INSIDER: What’s Fueling Atlanta’s Explosive Multifamily Growth?

Curtis Walker, Managing Director – Multifamily Acquisitions, shares four factors he’s seeing now within the value-add multifamily space.

No one can deny the general appeal of living in Atlanta. Four... Read More

What’s Driving Capitalization Rate Compression?

Westmount Realty Capital CEO Cliff Booth shares three factors what we’re seeing now within the value-add multifamily and industrial space.

As we continue to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, capitalization... Read More

DFW record cold, outages could spark changes in apartment construction

The sky-high cost of repairs after the Texas freeze-out and power grid failure will cause apartment developers and others in the industry to rethink the quality of construction materials and methods they use throughout the state,... Read More

In Focus: Cliff Booth on industrial property fundamentals moving into 2021

Cliff Booth, founder and CEO of Westmount Realty Capital, discusses the overall health of the U.S. industrial markets following the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as some of the key trends that are changing the way investors are approaching... Read More

Industrial Isn’t a “Shiny New Toy” — It’s Had Staying Power For Many Years

And it’s not just ecommerce. Automotive, electronics, and healthcare are just a few types of companies driving local demand.

At this point in 2020, much of America’s workforce is still work-from-home because of the ongoing... Read More

Will Coronavirus Create Multifamily Investment Opportunities?

The past several years have been marked by an increase in average rent prices in many major U.S. cities, a lack of affordable multifamily housing, and a tight rental market. The pandemic and potential recession that may result... Read More

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