WESTMOUNT INSIDER: How to Best Capture Your Commercial Real Estate Properties

Peter Hsiao, Senior Associate – Marketing, shares four tips for planning, staging, and photographing commercial real estate properties.

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‘Central Florida is one of our top targets’: Real estate executive reveals firm’s growth plans, more

In a recent interview with the Orlando Business Journal, Nick Sands, Managing Director of Acquisitions in the Southeast, discusses Westmount’s growth strategy in Orlando and the Southeast region of the country. 

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WESTMOUNT INSIDER: 6 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Commercial Property

Ginny Goldsmith, Sr. Director – Property Management, shares her advice on responsible maintenance to ensure the longevity of commercial properties. Get ready to learn how you can best refresh, rebuild, and revitalize your... Read More

WESTMOUNT INSIDER: A Real Estate Investor’s Quick Guide to Understanding Cap Rates

Reid Thompson, Sr. Associate – Multifamily Acquisitions, shares insight into real estate’s holy grail as he reviews one of the most important numbers in assessing a successful income producing asset – the crucial cap... Read More

WESTMOUNT INSIDER: 5 Essentials for Successful Multifamily Value-Add Property Renovations

Scott Ferguson, Sr. Director – Multifamily Acquisitions, shares five top value-add project areas that lend the biggest potential ROI for any potential multifamily investment property.

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WESTMOUNT INSIDER: The What, When, Why, and How of Cost Segregation

Steve Minick, Property Controller, shares his insight as to the possibility for cost benefits from using cost segregation.

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WESTMOUNT INSIDER: A Look Back at 2021’s Exceptional Market: Historic Records across the Board

Brant Brown, President & COO, shares insight into the key influences that drove last year’s commercial real estate market into a successful and historic record-breaking year.

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WESTMOUNT INSIDER: An Insider Peek into the Landscape of the 2022 Job Market

Jess Gemar, Director – Recruiting & Team Development, shares five factors she’s seeing now as talent acquisition ramps up for the new year.

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WESTMOUNT INSIDER: 5 Market Trends for Commercial Real Estate in the U.S. Entering 2022

Cliff Booth, Founder & Chairman of Westmount Realty Capital – shares five factors as to what’s influencing commercial real estate potential as we turn over this year’s calendar.

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Westmount Realty Capital's founder, Cliff Both, shares his thoughts on evaluating real estate capital stacks in 2023 for D Magazine's CRE Opinion article

Capital Flows in Real Estate: Industrial Investments Continue the Surge

Westmount Realty Capital exec Cliff Booth shares a glimpse at capital flow trends now and in the future.

As more data comes out, real estate investors are getting a clearer picture of what life beyond the... Read More


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