Cliff Booth: A North Texas Perspective on ‘Last-Mile Distribution’

A greater demand for last-mile distribution may be driven by B2B users, which prefer infill locations versus new construction.

“Last-mile distribution” is quite the buzzword in industrial real estate now. Most who use the... Read More

A Different Take on Last Mile Distribution

“Last Mile Retail” is the latest topic buzzing through discussions of industrial real estate. It refers to the final stage of online purchasing and the travel of goods to the buyer from a distribution center. The obvious benefit is... Read More

Oil Prices Cause Dip in Multifamily Market, But Value-Add Opportunities Remain Strong

Although Houston’s local economy is not exclusively dependent on oil and gas, re-energizing this sector will be key to a multifamily rebound in the area. Since the downturn in oil prices over the last two years, Houston’s... Read More

Getting ‘A’ Returns on ‘B’ Properties

It’s not unusual in Dallas for one day of commercial real estate news to tout a corporate relocation with 1,000 new jobs, a multimillion dollar office building renovation, and signing of a 50,000-square-foot lease at top-of-market... Read More

Value Added Investing Is Gaining Traction

NATIONAL REAL ESTATE INVESTOR By: Clifford Booth and Stephen Kanoff

With real estate prices soaring, many investors prefer to assume more risk for a higher return.

A growing number of real estate investors are pursuing... Read More

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