WESTMOUNT INSIDER – Career Tips From Top Performers | Part 1 of a 2 Part Series

At Westmount, internal promotions celebrate team members’ commitment and achievements, emphasizing the company’s dedication to nurturing its valuable talent. Recognizing the importance of learning from successful employees, we connected with a select group who have recently experienced promotions, gaining invaluable insights into the path of advancement and essential qualities for excelling in their evolving corporate landscape.

Quote - Chasidy Bright: Senior Director – Asset Management & Operations

Chasidy Bright: Senior Director – Asset Management & Operations

  • Proactively seek feedback from your supervisor by presenting a comprehensive list of your notable achievements and acquired skills during your tenure. Illustrate how your exceptional work has significantly enhanced operational efficiency. Utilize compelling examples to highlight your capabilities. Embrace your supervisor’s suggestions as invaluable opportunities to enhance your chances of securing a promotion.
  • Collaborate with your supervisor to develop a strategic roadmap for your professional development, akin to charting a path to success. Adhere to the plan diligently and regularly engage with your supervisor to benefit from their expert insights on your performance. Don’t overlook the importance of quarterly one-on-one sessions, as they serve as catalysts for advancing your career.
  • Take initiative to shine brightly within the organization. Volunteer for cross-departmental projects and make a notable impact during company-wide events. Position yourself as the dependable resource for your colleagues, earning their lasting appreciation and respect.
  • Exhibit your problem-solving prowess by identifying and addressing workplace inefficiencies and challenges. Showcase your leadership potential by proactively generating innovative solutions. Become the role model that inspires others.
  • Demonstrate mastery in your current role, delivering exceptional work performance. Let your exceptional skills convey your readiness for new challenges. Ascend to new heights within the company, captivating others with your strong work ethic.
  • Embrace each task as a reflection of your core values and unwavering dedication. Exhibit pride in your work, showcasing your commitment to excellence.
  • Exhibit unwavering commitment and loyalty in all aspects of your work. Dedicate yourself fully, not only in terms of the quality and effort you invest but also in building strong and meaningful relationships. Embody the epitome of commitment.

Quote - Joe Hinkson: Director – Asset Management

Joe Hinkson: Director – Asset Management

  • The foundational work I have diligently performed and the countless hours I have invested throughout my career tenure at various investment firms as an acquisitions/asset management analyst have proven to be invaluable. These experiences have provided me with a solid basis on which to build and propel myself to the next level of professional growth and achievement.
  • Through the process of learning and refining the cradle-to-grave model, I gained a comprehensive understanding of the entire life cycle of an asset – from its acquisition to strategic asset management, all the way to its ultimate disposition. Embracing the mantra “A Jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one,” I fully immersed myself in various aspects of the asset management realm, allowing me to develop a well-rounded expertise that spans across multiple domains.
  • My well-rounded background, encompassing experience in property accounting, public accounting, joint venture, and fund accounting, naturally led to a seamless transition into acquisitions/asset management. This diverse foundation has not only deepened my understanding of the industry but has also strengthened my ability to foster meaningful relationships with members of the property management team.
  • My advice to developing analysts is that attitude is critical to success. Keep an open mind, be a team player and seek knowledge from others’ experience. The mundane tasks that you might be performing now will give you the building blocks needed to progress in your career.


Quote - Jason Harris: Associate Director – Commercial Investments

Jason Harris: Associate Director – Commercial Investments

  • Early in your career it is important to approach all tasks as a top priority. Every email you send, every comment you make, and every task you complete will become a data point that you’ll be judged upon as you work to build up your professional reputation. Establishing a track record as someone who works diligently with integrity, provides trustworthy work product, and goes above and beyond their defined job responsibilities is a very important first step in kickstarting a successful career.
  • Continually improve upon your time management skills. Learning how to appropriately prioritize tasks can help mitigate stress in the long run, especially as your job responsibilities continue to expand.
  • Never fall into the “that is not my job” mentality. Make yourself available to assist your peers to the extent possible, but only after your primary job responsibilities have been addressed.
  • Prioritize interdepartmental relationships. Try to interact with other departments as much as possible and be sure to participate in corporate events. The relationships you build with personnel across departments of your organization can improve company culture and provide exposure to a variety of perspectives that will help you become well-rounded in the long run.

Quote - Reid Thompson: Associate Director – Multifamily Investments

Reid Thompson: Associate Director – Multifamily Investments

  • Find balance between sitting back and observing and making sure your voice is heard. This is important in all phases of life, but especially when you are a younger employee in a company. In my opinion, the best way to learn is to listen to your peers and seniors to absorb information and knowledge. At the same time, the only way to show progress and value within a company is to ultimately speak up and contribute to conversation.
  • Make mistakes, but only make them once. Making mistakes is a huge part of learning, and any understanding leadership will recognize that errors are a part of the process with younger team members. Ultimately, building a successful reputation is about learning from your mistakes, making sure you don’t make the same mistakes again, and decreasing the frequency of mistakes as you mature in your role.
  • Build your reputation on the little things. Especially early in your time with a company, small acts are almost more important than your actual work. Control the things you can control (showing up early/on time, staying late, volunteering to take on additional tasks, minimizing repeat mistakes, etc.) in an effort to build trust. If leadership cannot trust you with small tasks, you cannot progress to more responsibility.

We hope that these insights shared by our most valuable asset, Westmount’s talented team, will inspire and encourage others to pursue their own career advancement goals. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated Part 2, as our exceptional team delves even deeper to unveil the essential keys that unlock the foundational elements bolstering the infrastructure of today’s most accomplished and motivated teams.


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