WESTMOUNT INSIDER – Career Tips From Top Performers | Part 2 of a 2 Part Series

Get ready to explore further into the realm of knowledge and wisdom as our talented individuals share their thoughtful experiences and expertise. As we embark on this eye-opening continuation, we will uncover more of the hidden gems that lead to achievement and advancement within our organization.

 Quote - Lorraine Winser: Senior Director – Human Resources and Operations

Lorraine Winser: Senior Director – Human Resources and Operations

  • Adopt a continuous improvement mindset to demonstrate your commitment to personal and organizational growth development. Identifying ways to improve day to day or organizational inefficiencies not only allows everyone to operate more productively but creates more opportunity to seek new responsibilities and skills and can assist you in becoming a more dynamic and valued resource.
  • Effective time management and organization accelerates goal achievement by enabling proactive planning and support for the organization’s growth. With proper time management, you become more efficient and can allocate time to support the organization as you continue to grow as a leader.
  • Align personal integrity with company values for genuine success. Understanding the importance of doing the right thing, even when it’s not popular and building accomplishments on uncompromising standards and unwavering values, demonstrates that you can be a trusted and dependable leader that can successfully lead a team.
  • Prioritize serving the greater good through servant leadership vs focusing on your own objectives. Servant leadership focuses on encouraging ownership on a team level and extending supported trust to team members which allows for increased teamwork and collaboration ensuring that everyone can work together to complete a shared goal.

Quote - Daniel Blough: Director – Investor Relations

Daniel Blough: Director – Investor Relations

  • Consider your response when you make mistakes. Nobody is above making mistakes. It’s important to double and sometimes triple check your work, whether you’re producing a report or simply writing an email. Implement processes in your day to day to help limit mistakes (such as drafting and reviewing an email prior to inputting recipients). Your success will be determined not by the mistakes you’ve made but by how you respond when you make them.
  • Communication is key. Clear communication is often taken for granted and underrated. Communicating clearly and concisely, both written and verbally, will set you apart.
  • Find an advocate. It’s important to network, but it’s even more important to develop relationships with individuals that can mentor and/or advocate for your success. These individuals will become a force that can elevate your career. Skills are important, but they’re only half of the equation. It takes a push (skills, knowledge) and a pull (relationships) to rise in an organization.
  • Find a niche. Identify a key part of the business and latch on to it. Put your time and effort into something that makes you hard to replace.


Quote - Phil Copulsky: Director – Private Capital

Phil Copulsky: Director – Private Capital

  • Maintaining a competitiveness and an edge help navigate the ups and downs of a career. These traits keep one grounded when success is achieved. It also helps one recover and push forward when encountering setbacks.
  • Discipline is key for continued consistency and steadiness. Motivation is a useful tool in spurts but can be fleeting so should not solely be relied upon for progression. Utilizing setbacks, rejections, and disrespect, etc. can prove to be powerful weapons to push forward even when someone is not feeling motivated in a given moment.
  • Do not stop learning. Complacency and too much comfortability with one’s standing can be dangerous. Stay well informed of industry and job-specific trends, skills, and news. Always work to understand what is impacting colleagues and investors. The world and workplace are constantly evolving so anyone can fall behind regardless of prior successes.
  • The ability to effectively communicate and adjust to various audiences or people is paramount, in either verbal or written form. Be intentional and thoughtful with how you speak and write.
  • Active listening is a vastly underrated and underappreciated skill. Let people finish speaking and thoughtfully digest information before replying. Be thoughtful about what was said and incorporate it into the dialogue. Some of the best progress someone can make results from staying quiet and speaking less..
  • Form smaller, solid daily habits. Be deliberate and intentional about them. Do not start building a house without first having the foundation in place. Tackling big goals will culminate from the accumulation of many small and consistent (and sometimes tedious) habits that can take years to form. Short-term thinking and the desire for instant gratification do not result in sustainable success, results, or fulfillment.


We hope the valuable insights from our outstanding Westmount Realty Capital, LLC team will ignite inspiration, propelling individuals towards their career advancement aspirations in the corporate world. Fueled by our unwavering dedication to fostering growth through collaboration, mentorship, and ongoing learning, we’re committed to a resilient, prosperous organization. We’re grateful for your time exploring the experiences and wisdom of our esteemed Senior Leadership team and wish you every success on your journey to achievement.


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