Combination of New, Old Factors Reinforce Appreciation of Industrial Growth Drivers in Texas

Our founder, Cliff Booth, was recently featured in a REBusiness Online article where he shared his perspective on the strength of the industrial real estate market, emphasizing the fundamentals that continue to attract foreign investors. Cliff highlights that international investors are committed to U.S. markets, particularly Texas, because of its stable economic environment and strong growth prospects.

“The larger story that we continually hear from foreign investors is that no matter what happens with the [presidential] election, it’s only four years, and America still has the demographics, growth, legal structure and economy that have held up in this interest rate environment and in the aftermath of COVID,” he says. “They simply can’t get the same returns anywhere else due to our demographics and growth.”


Be sure to check out the full article through the link below to gain deeper insights and valuable information shared by Cliff.


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