Westmount Realty Capital names new president as founder steps into chairman role

After more than 30 years at the helm of Westmount Realty Capital, founder, president and CEO Cliff Booth is stepping into a new role as company chairman and has named his successor.

Brant Brown, Westmount’s long-timeCFO and COO, has been named asthe firm’s new president. Brown will keep his COO title while the responsibilities of CFO will be transferred to an executive committee. With an enhanced focus on company growth, Booth and Brown will continue to capitalize on the significant opportunities the firm has identified in the marketplace while building on its exceptional track record of securing and closing lucrative off-market opportunities.

“Brant is an extremely talented individual in such a diverse way. He can look at all the different functions in our company and can cover them. That’s unusual. Some people are good at one thing but maybe not another. Brant is truly great at every area in our company and this is so well deserved,” Booth told the Dallas Business Journal during an exclusive interview.


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