Commercial Real Estate Marketplace – Carefully Selected Acquisitions

Westmount selects acquisitions by carefully and strategically analyzing defined criteria for each product type. The firm has earned a reputation for being able to move quickly on decisions to invest in the types of assets it targets. Following these processes, Westmount has increased its portfolio in just the last two years to more than 13,000,000 square feet of commercial real estate assets and 3,700 apartment units. We welcome inquiries from brokers and principals who represent asset types we seek to acquire.

Properties we seek to acquire include:

Westmount's Carefully Selected Acquisitions - Industrial PropertiesIndustrial: Seeking to acquire stabilized and value-add industrial assets within the primary and secondary markets within the United States.

Westmount's Multifamily PropertiesMultifamily:
Specifically looking for value-add multifamily communities and portfolios with a current focus on the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston areas.

Westmount's Office PropertiesOffice:
Currently pursuing CBD, suburban and in-fill stabilized and value-add office assets within the United States.