Profitable Property Acquisitions in Commercial Real EstateProfitable Property Acquisitions in Commercial Real Estate Marketplace

Westmount selects assets to acquire by adhering to disciplined and defined parameters relating to product type, market conditions, and potential for their repositioning. Developing strategic business plans for each asset after acquisition, Westmount ensures that their chosen acquisitions evolve into profitable ventures. This formula, coupled with the ability to move quickly on transactions, has contributed to the company’s continued success with property acquisitions. Such performance has also solidified Westmount’s enviable reputation nationwide in the commercial real estate marketplace.

Keys to Success – Competitive Edge:

  • Identify and capitalize on market inefficiencies, including risk pricing dislocations and “off market” opportunities;
  • Target “under the radar” investment opportunities;
  • Focus on primary markets with strong current and projected job growth, and secondary markets exhibiting long-term trends for job growth and liquidity;
  • Choose investments that indicate immediate or near term cash flow with strong potential for capital appreciation.